Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy New Year to all!  Can’t believe January is gone and Valentine’s Day is almost here.  So I thought I’d whip up some perky hoop earrings to brighten up the cold winter months still with us.  Shades of red & garnet, and purple & pink ought to do the trick and are perfect Valentine’s Day […] Read more »

Spring Belt Buckle

I love this belt buckle for Spring! Made with Amazonite teardrop semi-precious stones, aqua Swarovski crystals, and shimmering glass seed beads, it is sure to lift your spirits and help transition your wardrobe for the longer and hopefully sunnier days of Spring! Read more »

CT Shoreline Arts Trail

Hi folks, Anyone looking for great holiday gift ideas should check out the Shoreline Arts Trail this weekend. The trail consists of artists living/working in Branford, Guilford & Madison CT. Studios and shops will be open to the public on Sat Nov 17th – Sun Nov 18th from 10am – 4pm each day. Look for […] Read more »

Beach Stone Pendants

Check out these fabulous beach stone pendants. I love them! Very light to wear, and complements any outfit. Nice and natural. Will go great with a Creek Chic beach stone belt buckle. I have a nice selection of stones…different shapes, colors & sizes. A few even look like hearts. Read more »

Swarovski Crystals

Since we’re on the subject of crystals, I thought I would give a quick blurb about what distinguishes Swarovski crystals from all others. Firstly, crystals differ from plain cut glass because they contain lead. Swarovski crystals contain 24% lead oxide and are 100% man made. The lead content enhances the natural spectrum of light, increases […] Read more »

Cranking out the Bling!

Well folks, with the holidays right around the corner (retail wise at least), it’s time to start making some serious “bling”. Yes, I’m talking crystals, crystals, crystals! I’m making some belt buckles with all crystals of different shapes and finishes that are really striking. You can pair them with velvet pants or jeans and there […] Read more »

My 1st Etsy Sale!

Yeah! I just made my first Etsy sale for someone in Illinois who bought a Creek Chic buckle & belt as a gift for a friend of hers. So I am scurring about this morning, wrapping up her gift, making sure everything looks “nice, nice” and ready to ship out! Read more »

Block Island Beach Stone Bonanza!

Just got back from a week on Block Island! The weather was gorgeous and of course I brought along my trusty netted beach bag for collecting a new stash of beach stones! My friends and family started calling me the “rock lady” as I would head off each day down the beach to gather stones […] Read more »

Abalone Necklaces

I made two gorgeous new necklaces incorporating Abalone pendants which are great for summer! Abalone is a type of shell that has a fantastic swirling pattern of iridescent colors, especially blue and green with touches of silver and pink tones as well. I added some beautiful blue/green Swarovski crystals which perfectly pick up the colors […] Read more »

Buy Creek Chic Belt Buckles on

It’s official…you can now buy Creek Chic belt buckles on! I just listed 10 belt buckles on Etsy. So all of you Creek Chic Designs fans who have an awesome one-of-a-kind belt buckle and have friends who keep asking you how they can get one too…check out my shop on I posted a […] Read more »

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