Swarovski Crystals

Since we’re on the subject of crystals, I thought I would give a quick blurb about what distinguishes Swarovski crystals from all others. Firstly, crystals differ from plain cut glass because they contain lead. Swarovski crystals contain 24% lead oxide and are 100% man made. The lead content enhances the natural spectrum of light, increases the weight, brilliance and prismatic qualities of the glass. Swarovski crystals are the finest in the world. They are made in Austria and named after the Austrian glass cutter Daniel Swarovski who invented the grinding machine in 1895.

Some crystals have what’s called an AB coating which stands for Aurora Borealis. This gives the crystal a very light rainbow effect that is usually applied to one half of a crystal bead. So, there you have it…now go forth and adorn yourself with crystals!

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